Meat Bolognese

Meat Bolognese

A true meat lover’s delight. In each and every jar, MID’S Meat Bolognese boasts a full quater pound of the finest USDA ground beef, delivered fresh daily. Combined with our traditional red sauce, MID’S Meat Bolognese has noticeably more meat than any other sauce on your grocer’s shelf. We don’t have to tell you, you can see it for yourself just by looking at the jar. Made from the freshest, all-natural ingredients, gluten-free MID’S Meat Bolognese is a hearty crowd pleaser, packed with 9 grams of protein. Serve MID'S Meat Bolognese over spaghetti, heat it up as a dipping sauce for breadsticks, top off a baked potato, or use it as the base for your world-famous chili. Get creative!


Tomato Puree (Water, Tomato Paste), Ground Beef, Sugar, Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Onions, Romano Cheese (Made From 100% Pasteurized Sheep’s Milk, Bacterial Culture, Salt, Rennet), Citric Acid, Garlic, Spices, Paprika.

I don't make my own pizza sauce...

It's been a while since I invited friends to stop by and eat. Today I fixed homemade pizza. Even the dough I make from scratch. It turned out great as always (even if I do say so myself).  I don't make my own sauce but I have one we really love. It is called MID's True Sicilian Pasta Sauce, Pizza Sauce. If you make your own pizza, you may want to give this sauce a try.

Richard W.

Shut the Front Door!

I purchased your Mid's Traditional Meatless at Drug Mart in Pickerington, OH. Guys shut the front door!! This was the greatest ever... Growing up as a kid it reminded me of the family owned restaurants in Sandusky, OH. Which have all faded way... I'm a customer.... Thank you for making the real deal!


It Won't Be Stocked!

I have discovered your Pasta Sauce w/Italian Sausage and felt compelled to contact you to say thank you!!!! I’m hooked! I bought 2 jars via Krogers, within the week it was eaten so I got four more! I gave a jar to my sister yesterday with her saying she makes her own so I should keep it. I told her to please take it and let me know what you think. She sent a text last evening saying she was hooked!! I get another text from my sister today asking me what the brand was that she was at work bragging on it and her boss wanted to pick some up after work. I’m now concerned that the news will spread and it won’t be stocked when I get some more!! Well exaggerated probably, but seriously I’m hooked!! Again thank you!!!!!


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