It Is Rich and Robust

WOW!!!!! I purchased this sauce during a sale at my local supermarket. I was instantly hooked. The Pasta sauce has such depth of flavor. It is rich and robust. It is seasoned perfectly and requires no doctoring up. I use it for everything pasta!!! I have even made it a staple in my lasagna recipe. I will NEVER purchase a different sauce. As for the Pizza sauce... Soooo yummy!!! Again, I am hooked. THANK YOU for creating such quality products.


Mid's Is The Exception

I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in upstate NY.  Many in my family are Italian so I've been exposed to an abundant variety of Italian cuisines - Sicilian, Romano, Calabrese, etc. were constantly available and really superb; from lasagna, braciole, alfredo's, scungilli, to the easy spaghetti & meatballs, sausage and peppers to pizza.  We had it all and it was all really good.  It was hard for me to say who my favorite restaurant or pizzeria was my 'favorite.'  They were all unique and fabulous. So, from someone like myself who grew up with home made sauce - which I have made on more than one occasion - a 'jar sauce' is nearly unthinkable.  Mid's is the exception, no doubt.


I was hooked!

After putting my pizza in the oven, I thought I'd write & tell you that your pizza sauce is AWESOME!! When I discovered it at Wal-Mart & decided to try a jar.....I was hooked!!


Never change a thing!

I tried this sauce as it was on sale. This is the best sauce I have ever had. Consistent quality, great flavor. The only sauce I have tried that even comes close, is a home made by a friend. Just a note this beats the sauce that she made by a mile. This has great flavor, taste, ingredients, the quality is unsurpassed. I don't generally comment on much, unless it is very bad or, very good product or service. Mid's sauce stands out and above all others. I will only buy this sauce in the future weather it is on sale or not. I only shop at Publix, so hats off to Publix for carrying you're sauce. Please never change a thing about this product.


I took one bite, got in the car, got a jar of the chunky vegi sauce.

I love your product! Have for a LONG time. My wife recently bought a store brand because it was cheaper... I took one bite, got in the car, got a jar of the chunky vegi sauce... She was upset I left, but happy for the improvement. It tastes homemade right out of the jar. AND I grew up in Massillon so it's nice to support "local" company even from Florida where I live now. Thank you! Keep it up! Worth it!!



My Homemade Was No More!

I have been using Mids for so many years I can not even tell you what year I started. I know it has been over 25 at least because I used to cook down tomatoes and make my own sauce for years. When I started using Mids my homemade sauce was no more!! It was years till I finally told my family it came from a jar!! I just LOVE Mids!!


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