Meet Mideo

In Sicily, sauce is an art form, with secret recipes passed generation to generation. 


Family Tradition

Mid’s story begins in the Old Country, in the rolling hills of sunny Sicily where Mideo’s Nonna (grandmother) learned the art of sauce making from her mother. A stained, well-guarded recipe for red tomato sauce was one of the few precious possessions her daughter packed carefully in her bag when she and her new husband left for America. 

Mother's Recipe

Her son, Mideo, born in Massillon, Ohio, in 1908, grew up tasting Sicily through his mother’s Old World cooking. Happy to teach her family’s recipes, she stressed the importance of making sauce the right way, the original way: slow cooked with an open lid, never steamed, producing a thick, not watery, sauce that sticks to pasta.

The old way is still the best way.

Mideo never strayed from his grandmother’s edict: always use the freshest ingredients and always kettle cook in small batches — never steam. Mid’s True Sicilian Pasta Sauce is still cooked to perfection in Navarre, Ohio, using Mideo’s recipes and slowly kettle simmered in small batches. We never vary from the way Mideo made his sauces.

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Featured Sauce

Italian Sausage and Peppers

Using our top-selling Italian Sausage sauce as a base, we add four varieties of fresh peppers, chunky tomatoes and sliced onions, and let it simmer for three hours to get this wonderfully versatile sauce.