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Simple: we start with whole mushrooms and slice them thick just before being added to the sauce. We realize that taste isn’t the only reason to use real, fresh ingredients.

None of Mid’s sauces use peanuts or peanut oil, making it safe for anyone to enjoy Mid’s. Our products are also completely gluten free.

We introduce new sauces and other products from time to time, but the sauce recipes never change. Straight from Mideo and Sicily, Mid’s sauces have stayed the same this entire time.

Mid’s is named after Mideo, who brought his family pasta sauce recipe to America from Sicily in 1938. He opened a restaurant and eventually started bottling the sauce.

Unfortunately, he is no longer alive, but we do take pride in the fact that his name and family’s recipe lives on with our sauce.

Mid’s is available in grocery stores in 32 states plus Washington D.C. You can find out which stores Mid’s is sold here. If Mid’s is not available near you, we now offer online purchases.